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Prefab Faraday Cages


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Self-standing modular Faraday cage

Superior screening of RF signals, e.g. for R&D, TEMPEST and Testing purposes. The modular Faraday cage is designed to meet or even exceed the vast majority of shielding requirements. The system is constructed of shielded modular panels, available in either standard-sized or custom-designed panels to meet exacting specifications in government, industry, research and development, university or hospital use. The system is completely self-standing (independent of the host building). The modular panels can be shipped and assembled by the customer or under supervision of our engineers, anywhere in the world.

 Modular faraday cage


  • RF measurements
  • EMC test labs
  • Wireless product testing
  • Server rooms
  • TEMPEST / Sensitive information protection
  • HEMP & EMP protection
  • Neuroscience laboratories
  • Cellular communication devices
  • Immunity & emission test chambers
  • Anechoic chambers
  • MRI rooms
  • Neurology lab
  • etc...

High shielding performance

The shielded enclosure consists of shielding panels made of 2mm MuFerro steel; the panels are galvanized which gives the enclosure excellent resistance to corrosion. Amucor 6800 gaskets between the panels help to maintain shielding attenuation. The modular shielding does not contain any wooden parts that could be adversely affected by variations in temperature or moisture. The panels provide high shielding effectiveness, maintain electrical continuity, and are
corrosion resistant. This results in high levels of attenuation without deterioration.



Shielding performance (dB)

Prefab faraday cage system shielding performance



Smooth exterior, functional interior

The panels are bolted together along their edges on the inside, leaving a smooth exterior. Lighting, bus bar and furnishings can be mounted directly on the bendings of the panel interiors. Versions for direct attachment of ferrite and RF pyramidal absorbers can also be supplied, to create an echo-free (anechoic) test chamber.

Prefab faraday cage functional interior




  • Self-standing construction
  • High shielding performance without deterioration
  • Easy to mount with local skilled workers
  • Easy to modify, enlarge or reinstall
  • Many sizes from stock, specials within a few weeks
  • Optionally supplied as a kit for assembly by the user
  • Optionally with 10 years guarantee & maintenance


All options listed directly below can be customized, e.g. with an automatic sliding door, double leaf door, customized shielded ventilation panels, different dimensions, etc.

  • Shielded honeycomb ventilation panels
  • Shielded doors
  • Shielded water piping and gases
  • Lightweight version
  • Entry panel fitted with:
    • Power filters, single +N or three phase +N
      (specify amps, voltage and frequency)
    • Feed through signal filters
    • Wave guides for passage of fiber-optic cables
    • Feed trough penetration (e.g. SMA or BNC connector
    • Grounding bolt

Standard door dimensions

Dimensions (mm)
Shielded doors
880 x 2100
1000 x 2100
1600 x 2100
4000 x 6000
Custom sized

For more information concerning our doors click here

Standard cage dimensions

Lenght (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
1090 1170 2315 / 2800 / 3405
1090 2260 2315 / 2800 / 3405
2180 2260 2315 / 2800 / 3405
3270 2260 2315 / 2800 / 3405
3270 3350 2315 / 2800 / 3405
4360 2260 2315 / 2800 / 3405
4360 4440 2315 / 2800 / 3405
5450 5530 2315 / 2800 / 3405
Custom sizes


EM shielded doors before testing






EM shielded doors before testing 

Prefab faraday cage self standing construction






Self-standing construction

Easy modification

The modular Faraday cage can be modified, enlarged or reinstalled very easily with conventional hand power tools. Corner panels are identical to the intermediate joints, and have reliable shielding attenuation equal to that of the rest of the enclosure. Examples of panel joints are shown below.

Construction details

Prefab faraday cage construction details

Prefeb faraday cage

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